The Automation Race: Sales Proposal Automation Can Revolutionize Your Team

Sales professionals feel held back by paperwork. It is not just the time it takes to create new sales proposals, quotes, or contracts, but also the rote, repetitive nature of the work which makes it such an unenviable task.

But admin tasks are a fundamental part of the sales process, which is why proposal automation can revolutionize how sales teams operate, creating opportunities for increased productivity and better customer experiences.

Nintex asks you to imagine a world with no manual creation tasks – a world where sales proposal automation software generates documents for you. Not only can the Nintex Platform free up sales teams to focus on other work, but it can help you create proposals quicker and more accurately than was ever possible before.

In this post, we’ll explain how manual processes can slow down sales representatives and create uninspiring experiences for customers. And why sales proposal automation should be at the top of your organization’s list of processes to transform.

From managing approvals to auto-generating branded sales proposals and maintaining audit trails, there is so much to gain from streamlining the sales proposal process.

The importance of sales proposal automation

Sales proposals are a crucial part of the sales funnel. When a sales professional sends over a proposal to a client, there are lots of different areas that come together to help push that sale over the line.

First, there is the information – this presents the client with the offer that is being proposed. All of this needs to be accurate and presented clearly.

Secondly, there is the branding. The proposal is a strong representative of the brand. Ensuring the proposal is consistent with your company branding is an important way of building trust, brand awareness, and continuity. You need to make sure the document has the right logo, typeface, etc.

Third, there is the speed at which you can get the proposal sent over to the client. Imagine you are out on the road, visiting different clients and sitting in meetings all day. A customer you met earlier has asked for a proposal, but you don’t have a spare second to create the document. All the while, the customer is mulling over another proposal from a competitor. By the time you send over your proposal, it may already be too late. Proposal automation can do everything for you automatically, sending out a document with all the correct info immediately on receipt of the customer’s request.

Lastly, there are aspects of proposals that need to be signed off internally. For instance, a sales professional may offer a discount to a potential customer – this needs to be officially processed and reviewed internally. By automating this you can not only speed up the process but make sure all the right people receive the right documents at the right time.

Moving beyond the traditional

Traditional approaches to creating proposals, although standard across the majority of sales departments, have not always been as reliable or as effective as many sales professionals would like. But now there is a new approach that can save time, increase output, and improve the impression made on the customer.

Moving beyond traditional approaches can help sales professionals add that extra touch of magic that captures a sale, especially at the proposal stage – where potential customers may be discussing options with competitors also.

Things that can go wrong without proposal automation:

  • Incorrect branding and positioning
  • Transcription errors
  • Incorrect pricing
  • Incompatible SKUs
  • Mismatched terms and conditions

Save time when it matters

Manual sales proposal processes risk all of the above. But what’s more, the time it takes to create the document is considerable – time that could be spent working on higher value work, such as face-to-face contact with clients or developing new leads.

The need to pull information from multiple spreadsheets, product catalogs, and disparate product/pricing databases, and the customer’s personal information where required, can be a complex and time-consuming task. Automation can take care of this in an instant.

Manage, automate and optimize

The Nintex Platform can help you improve how your sales team operates by providing no-code tools to automate your most important processes, including proposal automation.

Nintex revolutionizes the sales proposal process. With Nintex, sales professionals can:

  • Auto-generate branded sales proposals from within your CRM system, including Salesforce
  • Automatically pull all the required documentation, legal terms and conditions, product information, and cover letters
  • Automate internal workflows to manage approvals
  • Maintain a secure audit trail of all revisions
  • If the customer has issues or questions, route directly to the right person
  • When a customer accepts the proposal, automatically begin the next stage of the workflow

Nintex can also be used to automate a wide range of other sales and marketing processes so that your team can focus on following leads, not paperwork. From managing opportunities, automating discounts, simplifying contract management, and auto-renewing contracts, Nintex has you covered.


To find out more about proposal automation and how the Nintex Platform can help your organization streamline processes, increase productivity, and improve customer experience, get in touch with our team today.


Andrew Swanson

Andy is the VP of Enterprise Sales at Nintex. For the past decade he’s been providing cloud strategy and process automation tools to organizations around the globe. At Nintex, Andy works with customers, partners and employees to implement the tools and technology needed to drive success. He enjoys helping other organizations use Nintex to drive their digital transformation journey.

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