Intelligently Automate Key Processes in IT Help Desk Support

This post will look at the role of IT help desk support in the digital workplace and how IT itself can benefit from its own IT innovation, specifically through intelligent process automation.

The role of IT in the modern enterprise has undergone its own transformation as wider digital transformation has taken place across all areas of business. Although IT has always been essential to the smooth running of an organization, it has often been siloed away from the rest of the business and viewed as a support function only to be called upon when something goes wrong.

In the age of digital transformation, IT help desk support has become critical to the everyday functioning of an organization. As more and more businesses move towards cloud-based technologies, IT has seen a resurgence as the enabler of this. Yet, never before has so much been asked of IT, and, at the same time, budgets are tightening.

IT help desk support teams are now expected to:

  • Deal with a wider range of IT issues as departmental teams move away from legacy systems and adopt new technologies
  • Respond with greater speed and provide a higher-quality service than ever before

As reliant on IT support as ever

So, why is the enterprise more reliant on IT in the digital workplace than ever before? Productivity suffers considerably when employees can’t connect to a network, experience hardware or software issues, or are waiting for help from IT support. In many cases, employees simply can’t function without access to IT systems, as critical processes and information are only accessible online.

Without access to CRM systems or online meeting apps, for instance, many workers will be left unable to carry out basic work. This could lead to significant downtime costs. Gartner has estimated the cost of downtime as being as large as $5,600 per minute.

To deal with these new demands, the IT help desk support team must find more streamlined ways of offering the best support possible. One solution to this has been the move from reactive support to proactive support. There has been a shift in priorities from fixing broken technology once it has broken down (reactive) to monitoring IT 24/7 and fixing issues before they become real problems (proactive). Another is to automate processes so that service desk requests are automatically tracked and prioritized to lead to optimum efficiency.

IT help desk support teams need to be more agile and responsive in dealing with issues when they are reported, and automation can help.

Automate your IT help desk support with Nintex

Automating IT processes is key to ensuring the IT help desk support team can provide the level of excellence required in the digital workplace. Intelligent process automation is the next level of process automation for the enterprise. Through intelligent process automation, IT help desk support teams can improve how they operate and offer better service to support the entire organization.

Let’s have a look at some of the areas of IT help desk support that can be automated and how Nintex can help. One of the central issues that can be improved through automation is how information is captured and recorded so that problems can be solved as quickly as possible. This includes tracking and prioritizing support tickets, so that lost tickets and slow responses are eliminated. For instance, those issues which crop up a lot, e.g. password resets, can be automated so that a lot of the legwork is done for you.

With Nintex Forms and Advanced Workflow, IT support desks can capture the information required, as well as automate key processes such as creating and tracking tickets as they move through the workflow.

The Nintex Platform can help IT teams:

  • Capture required information and set notifications to keep requests moving
  • Route requests to the correct technician or escalate overdue tickets
  • Integrate with knowledge bases to provide faster and more accurate responses
  • Integrate with ITIL/IT service management systems to ensure IT policy compliance

Automating help desk service requests will benefit the whole business, as employees in all departments will have fewer IT problems to worry about and, if something does go wrong, can get back to their work as quickly as possible. But the benefits to the IT team itself in automating help desk tasks are enormous.

Help desk automation with Nintex enables your team to:

  • Save time
  • Respond from anywhere
  • Make better use of IT staff
  • Remove tedious and repetitive tasks
  • Allow IT staff to work on more valuable work

With Nintex, organizations can improve the process of receiving and responding to IT help desk requests to minimize downtime and keep productivity from taking a nosedive.


To learn more about the Nintex Platform and how it can help you manage, automate, and optimize your processes, get in touch with us today.


Patrick Nguyen

Pat Nguyen is a Senior Business Analyst at Nintex. In his role, he leverages the Nintex Platform to build custom workflow solutions that solve business challenges. In his spare time, Pat enjoys exploring Seattle on his longboard. He’s a University of Notre Dame alum and a Fighting Irish fan.

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