New Nintex Process Platform Certifications

When learning a new skill or capability, the starting point for many people is to take a training class, whether it be on-demand or instructor-led. Completion of training should enable you to apply what you’ve learned to a need you or your company has. But how do you make your newfound skills known to other people?

Certifications are an established way to show a validated level of proficiency in a given field. Many people include them on their LinkedIn profile and résumé.

For the past three years, Nintex has had two certifications – Workflow Professional and Certified Solutions Professional. Since that time, we’ve added new features to Nintex Forms and Workflow, and expanded the Nintex Process Platform to include Process Mapping and Robotic Process Automation.

We’re pleased to announce a new set of certifications that focus on specific capabilities of the Nintex Process Platform.

The certifications will have 3 levels:

  1. Practitioner – this certification level requires that you understand and can apply the core concepts.
  2. Expert – aimed at people with more proficiency, the Expert level requires an understanding of more advanced concepts and the ability to address more challenging solutions.
  3. Master – the most advanced level of certification requires full mastery of the Nintex Process Platform, with the ability to address complex solutions. Master-level will also involve project-based assignment work.

Attaining a certification will require taking an online exam and achieving a score of at least 80%. Each exam will take between 90 and 120 minutes. Practitioner-level exams will have 30 questions, Expert-level exams will have 60 questions. We will also have online training, both on-demand and instructor-led, available to help you gain the knowledge required to pass the exams.

Here’s a summary of the new certifications:

Nintex capability: Practitioner Expert Master
Nintex Workflow Automation for Office 365 X X X
Nintex Workflow Automation for NWC X X X
Nintex Process Mapping X
Nintex RPA X X
Nintex Document Generation X X

At Nintex ProcessFest® 2019, you’ll have the opportunity to take one of the new Nintex Practitioner or Expert certifications. When you pass the exam, collect a ProcessFest certification gift to celebrate your achievement!

If you don’t think you’re quite ready, attend one of the instructor-led training classes at Nintex ProcessFest and build out your Nintex knowledge and skills in just 3 days.

However, training courses are limited to 15 people per class, so you will need to register early. For more information on the classes running, and to register for them, click here.



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Alistair Cloke

Nintex VP of Customer Success Programs Alistair Cloke has over 25 years' experience working with partners around the world. Originally from Australia but now based in the US, he is constantly looking at ways to help customers and partners get greater value from the Nintex Platform. Outside of work, he has a love of wine, motorsport, and travel. Follow him on Twitter @acloke

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