Automate workflow for all

Bottlenecks and breakdowns in process diminish any team’s ability to perform and succeed, placing an administrative burden across the company. Workflow automation optimizes processes in every department, powering through the mundane to boost productivity. Discover what automation can do for your team.

Benefit from workflow automation

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Cut down on clutter

Eliminate tedious, time-consuming paper processes.

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Increase productivity

Conquer lost time to focus on the important things.

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Optimize processes

Execute common tasks faster and with fewer errors.


Selling services and products is paramount to any organization’s success. But manually entering sales leads and contracts gives you less time to close deals and service existing clients. Automating and streamlining the most common sales processes frees your team to spend more time building relationships with customers and prospects.

Human Resources

Human resources is a vital department for your business. Integrating and automating workflows in this mission-critical area helps drive optimization and improve employee satisfaction while increasing functionality and departmental effectiveness.

Finance and Administration

Complex financial operations require robust governance and audit oversight to ensure regulatory compliance and reduce fraud potential. Improve financial transparency with digital workflows to set notifications to management, create workflows to handle approvals and processes, automate a complete audit trail, and more.

Information Technology

Your company relies on its IT department, and your IT department relies on the right tools to get things done. Free your team from inefficiency and distraction with process automation, so they’ll have more time to get more done.


Legal organizations process staggering amounts of information every year, much of which is paper-based. These inefficient manual processes can impact your business with costly delays, inaccuracies, and security risks. Automated workflows increase efficiency and productivity, ensure compliance, and allow your team to work on higher value tasks.

Operations and procurement

The operations side of any complex business is filled with critical processes and functions that cover a variety of needs. A streamlined digital transformation solution helps improve overall operational efficiency and create measurable value for vendors, too.

Why choose Nintex

We are always on the lookout for ways to help you get more done–in less time, and with less hassle. Long-standing institutional processes don’t fix themselves. With Nintex, productivity and efficiency are within reach.

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