Tips from three city governments for driving digital transformation in the public sector

Digital transformation remains a top goal of both public- and private-sector organizations. At Nintex ProcessFest® last October, I led a panel discussion with three top Nintex users in the public sector: Virdis Gamble from the San Francisco Municipal Transit Authority, Evan Pfaff from the City and County of Denver, and Debbie Watson from the City of Garland (Texas) Fire Department.

We discussed the challenges city governments face and how leveraging no-code tools such as Nintex for digital process automation can help them better serve their communities. Despite differences among their organizations and roles, each of them has successfully leveraged Nintex to tackle various challenges and drive productivity.

Older the organization, older the process

Compared to the private sector, many public sector organizations are significantly older. The City and County of Denver, for example, was established over 150 years ago. Many processes have been in place for years and maybe due for an update.

Evan Pfaff discussed how the City and County of Denver is realizing how many things can be automated that are still done with pen and paper.

“The goal is to use products like Nintex to help transform those processes and streamline them,” Evan said. “Not only is it more efficient but it’s more accurate and it saves soft dollars, saves people’s time.”

One of the first projects Evan completed for Denver’s Parks and Recreation Department resulted in Denver being named a 2019 Nintex Solution Innovation Award winner. You can learn more about the Nintex solution in this 451 Research Webinar that Evan and I presented.

Government can move quickly with the right tools in place

The public sector is notoriously slow. Debbie Watson, Sr. Fire Analyst at the City of Garland discussed how it can take years to find, purchase, and implement technology that just addresses one problem. Being able to leverage an easy-to-use, no-code process automation tool such as Nintex means they can address more challenges themselves, without relying on IT.

“Five years ago, I didn’t know what SharePoint was. One thing I love about using Nintex is that I don’t have to have an extensive IT background. I was able to pick it up and grow it astronomically in just a few years,” Debbie said.

Watch the customer showcase video to learn how the City of Garland uses Nintex to empower a community of citizen developers to automate their own business process.

Share and collaborate across the public sector

Virdis Gamble, Productivity Services Manager at SFMTA, said one of the best advantages of tools like Nintex in the public sector is the ability to share and collaborate across departments, and even separate government organizations. As SFMTA has improved operations with digital process automation, other city departments and even other cities, have noticed the success they’ve achieved with Nintex and want to the same for their organizations.

“Anything I do, I’m willing to give and share because as a government organization, we’re in this big umbrella family. So, when I meet with my Nintex counterparts at the City of Oakland, we’re going to be able to export and share what we’ve built with them. It’ll get them up and running really quickly,” Virdis said.

The willingness to collaborate among organizations is one of the most exciting things about working with customers in the public sector – and a trend across all regions.

You can learn more about how SFMTA’s use of Nintex to digitally transform many city processes in the case study here.

I really enjoyed hosting the panel with Debbie, Evan, and Virdis at Nintex ProcessFest. All three made great improvements in their organizations with Nintex. I can’t wait to see what they accomplish in 2020.



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Steve Witt

Steve Witt is the Director of Nintex’s Public Sector Business, where he works closely with partners and customers to leverage Nintex to empower citizen developers to solve real-world business problems. With an extensive technology background focused on no-code solutions like Nintex, Steve has worked as a consultant, trainer, and speaker. Follow Steve on Twitter @splumberjack

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