Nintex Drawloop®: The most powerful and secure AppExchange App for document automation

Due to COVID-19, Nintex has seen an increase in the adoption and use of our technology, like document automation and robotic process automation. Reason being that organizations have been given the difficult task to keep up with the ever-changing world we now live in, while at the same time being forced to rapidly change how they operate and support our communities.

With this move to digital, organizations are rapidly expanding their use of Salesforce and are in need of a powerful, easy to use Document Automation App that can solve for a variety of uses cases from simple letter creation to complex manuals and personnel information. These use cases are often riddled with complexity and scale typically only seen in government which also require adherence to stringent security and compliance standards of FedRAMP and DoD.

In this post, I will highlight a few of the capabilities about Nintex Drawloop® that makes it the most powerful, easy to use, and secure Document Generation App for Salesforce.

The easy-to-use solution

Document Generation or Automation, often known as DocGen, has been around for years, particularly within Salesforce where there is no native way to easily build quotes, agreements, or other documents traditionally used by customers leveraging Salesforce’s Sales Cloud.

While some of the applications built to solve these basic scenarios rely on complex coding or HTML to build a document, our approach does not. Nintex focuses on providing a simple, no-code solution to leverage common, widely adopted applications like Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.

Also, Nintex Drawloop® templates are easy to create, update, and maintain. Allowing for more advanced capabilities like “one template with many versions” when more complex logic enters the equation.

The power of document automation

With the ever-growing adoption of Salesforce continues, the number of DocGen use cases expands as well. This forces organizations to move quickly from more simplified letters and quotes to more complex documents. These are documents that typically require hundreds of fields from the Salesforce data model and conditional logic to dynamically generate large documents with the appropriate clauses or terms and conditions.

By using Nintex Drawloop®, these complex use cases become possible. Features such as ‘Excel as middleware’, ‘Component Groups’, and the concept of ‘one template many versions’, where document variants can be used to support requirements like multiple languages, streamlines and simplifies implementation.

Note that these advanced capabilities do not typically come ‘out of the box’ with the more basic DocGen apps and typically require developer skills and customizations using SOQL and Apex coding, but with Nintex Drawloop® it’s not only possible but easy and does not require SOQL or Apex skills.

Regulating security and compliance

For our customers in any regulated industry such as financial services, healthcare, and government, leveraging cloud-based SaaS solutions carries a certain amount of risk as they need to ensure their data and their customer data is always protected. To do this, security officers rely on several different security and compliance certifications standards to ensure that companies and their software have the controls in place to operate in a cloud environment.

Certifications such as SOC 2 on the commercial side and FedRAMP and DoD Authorizations on the government side require companies to pass regular audits of controls on everything from employee security training, to software development and change management practices through actual review of the software itself.

Nintex holds its SOC 2 and Nintex Drawloop® is FedRAMP Moderate (IL2) certified and awaiting final certification of its DoD Cloud (IL5) environment, making Nintex Drawloop® the most powerful, easy to use and secure DocGen platforms for SFDC.

Moving forward with Nintex for document automation

We here at Nintex want to ensure that you are able to maximize your use of document automation in your processes so that your organization can achieve success. Nintex Drawloop® has all of your organization’s bases covered, by providing an easy to implement document automation solution that can be specifically tailored to your needs. If your organization has not begun its journey to automating its’ complex document processes, it is time to start.



Interested in delving deeper into what your organization can accomplish with Nintex Drawloop®? Register for online sessions on Nintex Drawloop® later this month here.



Steve Witt

Steve Witt is the Director of Nintex’s Public Sector Business, where he works closely with partners and customers to leverage Nintex to empower citizen developers to solve real-world business problems. With an extensive technology background focused on no-code solutions like Nintex, Steve has worked as a consultant, trainer, and speaker. Follow Steve on Twitter @splumberjack

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