What’s New: Announcing New Features for Nintex Workflow Cloud®

We are proud to announce the latest release of features in Nintex Workflow Cloud. The newest updates, including ‘form label control’ and ‘form signature control,’ aim to enhance our users’ experience when designing and building forms in the cloud.

Label Control

As we add new controls to improve our forms designer, we don’t want to clutter the design canvas with controls that are similar to one another. To streamline the design canvas, our developers opted to include fewer controls that allow for more flexibility. For example, we’ve combined the ‘Heading’ and ‘Rich text’ controls into a single ‘Label control.’

The label control can also be expanded in the WYSIWIG editor to allow the user to visualize their design more clearly when creating a form. We’ve also ensured that formatting functions include bold, italic, underline, add/remove link, heading text, numbered list, bulleted list, horizontal line, and increase/decrease indent.

nintex workflow cloud

Signature Control

The new ‘Signature control’ allows a user to sign on a form from a web browser, or using Nintex Mobile. The signature can then be sent to Nintex Workflow Cloud as an image, and be added to a document using the Document Generation action.

Image of updating insurance information

Rules Enhancements

Included in this release, is some small enhancements to the Rule Builder to make them more powerful and easier to use.

1.  More WHEN, THEN and OR: We have increased then ‘WHEN, THEN and OR’ conditions to 15 for each type, allowing for some really powerful rules.

2. Identify controls more easily: If a control title does not match the controls variable name, we will now show the control title and variable name in the Rule Builder. This makes it easier to identify rules in the control drop down.

3. Filled or empty operators: We have added two new operators for the ‘Date/Time’,’ Email’, ‘Number’,’ Text – Long’, and ‘Text – Short’ controls. The ‘Is empty’ and ‘Is filled’ operators detect when a control is populated or is blank, allowing you to put more conditions into your rules.

Image of rule builder


Make sure to visit the Nintex Blog again soon to learn more about the functionality of the new ‘Signature control,’ and how to apply the feature to your solutions.


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Euan Gamble

Euan Gamble is passionate about forms technology. He joined Nintex in 2015 and is currently a Nintex Product Manager based in Melbourne, Australia.

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