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While there are many ways for data to enter a business process, one of the most popular is digital forms. With that in mind, we’re excited about our new forms designer. Now, whether you use Nintex for Office 365, Nintex Workflow Cloud, Nintex Mobile, or (soon) Nintex for SharePoint, you’ll have the same easy-to-use yet powerful and flexible designer to create next-generation forms that ensure that the data you’re collecting is exactly what you need to inform your business processes.

Let’s take a deeper dive into what the new forms designer brings to the table.

1. A new and improved form designer interface

The best tools provide exactly what you need and get rid of anything distracting or unnecessary. This is the approach we took in updating our forms designer – resulting in an interface that is intuitive, easy-to-use, and fast in getting your forms into production.

2. Support for multiple pages

Often, forms require more than one page to capture the necessary information. With our new designer, you can break larger forms into smaller sections on additional pages. This removes the congestion and potential confusion of having one long form.

3. An improved rules engine

Our robust new rules engine lets you create forms that easily adapt to user input. With the right rules in place and a straightforward way to use them, ordinary forms quickly become powerful form masterpieces. You can introduce advanced behaviors and validation that simplifies data input and presents fields only when they are necessary.

4. Enhanced formula building

Hand-in-hand with the new rules engine, we also support the use of powerful formulas. Users now may choose from more than 30 of the most popular formulas for use with rules, default values, labels and more. Additionally, users now have access to additional updates such as inline formula validation, inline help, and type-ahead support.

5. Geolocation control

You can now define specific locations on a map and support a variety of use cases, such as confirming a delivery has been made or confirming that a customer lives in a particular country. The designer provides a new API that lets you connect to Google Maps, the tool of choice for many smartphone users.

6. Improved signature control

You can now collect signatures on the web or via mobile devices — simply drag-and-drop the signature action directly onto a form, no coding required, and use it across your automated process.

7. Text masks

While collecting a single line of text is straightforward, sometimes you want a specific set of numbers, like a phone number. Now, with Text Masks, you can easily define a string format and ensure the correct number of characters is entered. No custom rules, all within the configuration of the control.

8. Improved list lookups

One of our most-used controls in all forms for Office 365 is List Lookup. It’s used to pull data from another SharePoint list. It was pretty easy, but it became a bit harder if you needed to create a cascading set of dropdowns. In the new designer, you can display only unique items from a list, and we’ve provided easy filtering options.

Our next-generation forms experience gives you some amazing new capabilities. When data is among your most valuable assets, you need the best tool for collecting and understanding it – and how you have it!

If you’re interested in learning more about the new Nintex Forms experience, or any other Nintex capability, come to the hands-on training conference we’re holding for customers and partners Sept. 30- Oct. 3 near our headquarters in Bellevue, Washington, USA. I’ll be there to provide detailed updates, roadmaps, and training on our Forms offerings.


I’d love to see you there — it will be fun as well as informative! You can learn more, and register here: Nintex ProcessFest® 2019.


Euan Gamble

Euan Gamble is passionate about forms technology. He joined Nintex in 2015 and is currently a Nintex Product Manager based in Melbourne, Australia.

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