Five Takeaways from Intelligent Automation Week

This week Nintex participated in Intelligent Automation Week (IAW) in Chicago. The speakers were insightful and inspiring, and there were many opportunities to engage with attendees who were anxious to learn and share their business process problems.

Here are five key takeaways from the event:

  1. What Kind of Bots Do You Sell?

It’s a question we hear often. Most of the presentations—and almost all of the sponsors—were directly related to the red-hot topic of Robotic Process Automation (RPA). And attendees were justifiably proud to share how many bots they’ve deployed in their organizations.

We recognize bots have a role in business, but they are one tool in company’s process automation toolbox. As Fernando Nunes from MAN Energy Solutions discussed during his presentation, organizations need to start by analyzing their processes and desired outcomes, and then determine the right technology to deploy. The discussion included a demonstration of how a Nintex partner, Avanade, is using RPA as one component of an Intelligent Process Automation solution set, designed to help organizations streamline workflow processes.

  1. Customers Always Know Best

Spending time with customers always pays dividends. Attendees with a customer-first mentality didn’t start conversations by asking, “What is Nintex?” Rather, they explained a few business process problems and asked, “How can the Nintex Platform help me?” We believe there’s a big difference between shopping for software and shopping for solutions. Those who do the latter will see big rewards in the future.

  1. Hello Operations Leaders

It was great to see so many operations leaders at IAW as reinforcement that lines of business are anxious to put automation to work themselves. We met with people representing every business function including: HR, finance, legal, sales, marketing, and more. These execs have their fingers on the pulse of their constituents and focused on finding the right solutions to digitally transform operations. This further reinforces IDC’s research that shows lines of business are now outspending IT two-to-one on software.

  1. Let’s Not Forget Vertical Industries

The lines of business mentioned above tend to share similar automation goals and challenges regardless of industry. For example, no matter what business they’re in, HR professionals need to identify, hire, and onboard top talent quickly.

While we had many of these types of conversations at IAW, we also engaged with numerous people representing specific industries like pharmaceuticals, wealth management, insurance, advanced manufacturing, and renewable energy. Their unique use cases range from needing to recruit patients for clinical trials to streamlining onboarding during the insurance open enrollment period. It’s clear that IPA has no boundaries.

  1. Good News Travels Fast

Within minutes of news breaking that Nintex acquired Promapp® on July 31, we had attendees stopping by our booth to ask for more details. We also received a few ‘nervous inquiries’ from other sponsors who were undoubtedly thinking about the ramifications.

We enjoyed sharing our perspectives with IAW attendees and sponsors and look forward to integrating the process mapping capability from Promapp® into our Nintex Platform.

Matthew Hutchison

For over 25 years, Matthew Hutchison has been helping organizations realize the rewards of digital transformation through technology and process innovation. Matthew is especially passionate about technology’s role in driving operational efficiency, improving collaboration, and delivering optimal customer and employee experiences. Prior to joining Nintex, Matthew held a variety of marketing leadership roles for organizations ranging from start-ups to industry leaders.

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