How to transform operations with Salesforce workflow automation

Repetitive, manual document creation is one source of delays in modern business processes – leading to lost sales and opportunities. This blog will look at Salesforce workflow automation solutions and explore how they can transform operations within any business environment.

In fast-paced business environments, organizations can’t afford to be held back or slowed down by inefficient document processes. While this applies across industries and sectors, it is particularly relevant within sales departments that depend on data to identify valuable prospects.

The ability to quickly understand who your buyers are, and how and where they engage with your brand or business, is vital to successfully engaging with them at important points in the sales cycle.

Unfortunately, some of the biggest delays in modern businesses are the result of repetitive document creation, like contracts and sales agreements. Despite advances in technology, the processes around legal contracts, sales quotes, and similar content remain highly manual, with users required to input data from multiple sources into document templates.

These types of manual processes often result in wasted time, human error, non-compliance, and data silos.

Even worse, your business may miss out on significant opportunities.

Instantly transform Salesforce data into compliant documents

To act fast on data, you have to minimize the time involved in manual document creation, routing, and approvals. You need to be able to convert data into compliant documents and instantly distribute them across your organization, in an environment that is user-friendly, familiar, and efficient.

Nintex Drawloop DocGen® for Salesforce provides document generation automation that can transform operations in businesses of any size. This smart software works seamlessly behind the scenes to automatically populate PowerPoint, Excel, Word and PDF templates with data sourced from Salesforce and other systems.

With Nintex Drawloop DocGen®, it’s also possible to design workflows that route documents for review and approval by sales management and other departments — then send it directly to customers for electronic signatures.

By streamlining the administrative tasks of sales opportunities, you immediately improve your sales-to-cash cycles. What’s more, the familiar Nintex drag-and-drop interface within the native Salesforce environment makes it easy to create workflows that keep your sales process moving.

Turn to Nintex for Salesforce workflow automation solutions

Nintex Drawloop DocGen® for Salesforce empowers users to accelerate many document creation processes, including:

  • Sales quotes
  • Proposals
  • Invoices
  • Order forms
  • Contracts
  • Service documents
  • Account summaries

With DocGen, you can produce documents from any data source or document template. You can also use third-party apps for custom delivery and cloud storage — all without leaving the Salesforce environment.

Salesforce administrators can create business processes that automatically change stages as they advance through the sales process, trigger approval routing, and schedule tasks. Nintex Drawloop DocGen® also makes it easy to tailor the user experience for individual roles or teams, using business logic and user permissions, so that people see the right documents at the right time.

Unlike many other document generation platforms, Nintex Drawloop DocGen® doesn’t require code to configure. Instead, it has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to implement solutions in record time. DocGen is designed to work across the classic Salesforce interface, within the Salesforce Lightning framework and on mobile, which means administrators can enjoy the same no-code experience regardless of environment.

DocGen saves you time and resources that are not lost when your software trial ends. Instead of spending time rebuilding workflows, all the processes you’ve created within your Nintex test environment can be easily transferred into production.

This is in contrast to alternative workflow solutions, which generally require that you reproduce each process when you implement the production solution. Not only does that waste time, it also leaves you vulnerable to potential errors.

What’s more, you can execute all the above processes without internet access. Anything that you work on offline will deploy the moment you’re back online; meaning that your team can work anywhere and anytime.

‘Prior to Nintex DocGen, it took corporate and our divisions weeks, even months, to prepare and send legal agreements to our retail partners. Now, the user literally has to push a button in Salesforce and within minutes, the entire envelope is generated.’

Mike Machado, CRM Manager — Yamaha Corporation of America

A world with no manual document creation tasks

Nintex Drawloop Docgen® for Salesforce is an essential tool for thousands of users to generate dynamic, data-driven documents at the click of a button within Salesforce.

With Nintex, you can turn your business documents into automated processes that transform the way your organization functions. You can create consistent, compliant and up-to-date documents — and keep them moving — even when you’re offline.


To learn more about how you can eliminate manual document creation tasks, and to find out why thousands of Salesforce customers choose Nintex Drawloop DocGen® to generate millions of mission-critical documents every year, check out our webinar today.


Matthew Hutchison

For over 25 years, Matthew Hutchison has been helping organizations realize the rewards of digital transformation through technology and process innovation. Matthew is especially passionate about technology’s role in driving operational efficiency, improving collaboration, and delivering optimal customer and employee experiences. Prior to joining Nintex, Matthew held a variety of marketing leadership roles for organizations ranging from start-ups to industry leaders.

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