What is robotic process automation (RPA)?

Robotic process automation (RPA) is technology that cuts down employees’ workloads by automating repetitive, high-volume steps in processes. Software robots, or ‘bots’ emulate the actions of human workers to execute rote tasks within applications via their UI. When RPA software handles this manual work, employees can devote their time and skills to more rewarding and valuable activities.

How RPA works

Robotic process automation is principally designed to automate repetitive analytical tasks and processes. This is accomplished by programming a desktop RPA interface that you can “teach” to mimic clicks and keystrokes to replicate a human typing information into various fields, access systems, compile information in spreadsheets, or transfer data between disparate systems.

Robotic process automation can be applied to high-volume, business rules-driven, repetitive processes across your organization.

Save time and costs

Improve productivity, speed up results, and save money by investing fewer working hours.

Customer and employee satisfaction

Fulfill requests in a timely manner and reduce employees’ manual workload.

Reduce errors

By eliminating human error, RPA increases data integrity and makes every analytical activity more impactful.

What processes are relevant to RPA?

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Financial Services operations

Implement automation solutions to perform mass customer account maintenance, monitor and flag accounts for suspicious activity, issue credit cards, open or close checking accounts, and more.

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Lending and loan processing

Process loans and payment plans, automatically update accounts, scrape data to find interest due, execute batch transactions between banks and mortgage companies, and more.

Loan Processing
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IT system maintenance

Perform regular file and system backups, migrate data from legacy systems quickly and precisely, test new software, automate IT staff notifications for consistent monitoring, and more.

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Employee data management

Leverage bots to accurately and quickly process payroll checks, automate leave request notifications, perform audit trails, automatically add and delete employee information in your HR system.

Leave Requests
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The honest truth about robotic process automation

The market hype around RPA is warranted, but it is often sold as a one-stop solution for all process challenges when in reality, traditional RPA software is limited. It can be expensive and time-consuming to deploy, and inflexible when processes require human interaction.

To solve these digital transformation roadblocks, it’s important to tailor your automation toolset to your organization’s needs.

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