Department of Justice and Regulation Increases Staff Ownership and Improves Understanding of Processes

Improved processes result in staff ownership and encourage feedback in a complex environment

The Infringement Management and Enforcement Services (IMES) unit at the Department of Justice in Victoria, Australia was struggling to execute processes for time-consuming tasks like capturing and managing data in Word and Visio –processes that were inefficient and created serious department bottlenecks.

Additionally, complex systems made process information hard to find. The lack of clear ownership resulted in outdated processes that were not followed, and there was no clear induction process for new employees. After a successful 12-month trial, IMES officially implemented Nintex Promapp® as a solution to its process problems.

Finding success

Improved process understanding across all levels

Sharing abilities allows all parties to provide process input

Increased process ownership and accountability

Department of Justice and Regulation in Victoria, Australia
Capabilities Used
Process Mapping

Who they are

The Infringement Management and Enforcement Services (IMES) unit at the Department of Justice in Victoria, Australia is responsible for improving road safety including reducing road trauma, managing civil compliance, collecting on debts and dealing with assets of crime.

What they needed

A simplified, easy-to-use system to guide workflow and process management.

How they did it

Adopted Nintex Promapp® to encourage ownership and continuous process improvement while providing access to process knowledge and other helpful features.

Department of Justice Unit Empowers Staff Ownership of Processes and Sees Improvement

The IMES unit at the Department of Justice and Regulation used Nintex Promapp® to simplify processes. This software helped staff members learn to easily manage and follow
processes, and empowered them to take ownership and make process improvements. With procedures now standardized and documented, operations improved, resulting in better staff onboarding and reduced risks.

Now that staff has access to process knowledge and past versions of processes, the evolution of procedures is clear and all parties have input in changes or additions. Nintex Promapp® add-ons and features (such as the risk add-on and email reminders) have increased department integration and saved time across the board.

We needed a simple way to capture information. I could see Nintex Promapp®’s potential straight away.
Alan Jones, Nintex Promapp® Administrator, IMES, Department of Justice & Regulation
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