5 Ways Your HR Team Can Strengthen Employee Communication

According to a study by Watson Wyatt, “businesses with effective communication practices were more than 50 percent more likely to report employee turnover levels below the industry average.” Low turnover rates are just one of the benefits of strengthening employee communication.

Here are five ways your HR team can improve communication at your company:

1.  Shun top-down communication

The most common communication style in business is the top-down approach. This classic style of communication creates a company culture where employees are only ever spoken ‘to’ by their superiors, instead of speaking ‘with’ their employers. A trend which cripples innovation, and limits productivity.

Implementing a flatter approach to communication where everyone feels comfortable expressing their thoughts and opinions will allow your employees to contribute meaningfully to the company’s success and drive more business.

2.  Make information easily accessible

The onboarding process is always tricky. The process of acclimating a new employee to your company’s culture and getting a return on your investment as soon as possible is always difficult. Not only is it difficult for business, but also the employee. Often, your new hire wants to be productive as soon as possible but will lack the confidence and knowledge to do so, since there’s so much they need to learn about how the business works.

A great solution for this challenge would be to create a company database that contains company policies, benefits plans, marketing materials, mission and vision statements, and the goals of each department.

3.  Implement organizational tools

Employees often need to quickly coordinate across multiple teams to solve complex problems. For many companies, this is an arduous process because teams often work in silos without knowing much about what the other teams do, how they do it, or who does what.

Implementing organizational tools like Nintex Promapp®, which helps map and manage the processes that span your organization, gives employees visibility into each team’s operations, allowing them to work within the structured process to solve the problem.

4.  Make it easy for remote teams to connect

Another great way to make it easy for remote teams to stay connected is implementing unified communications tools with cloud capabilities. Unified communications tools like 8×8’s UCaaS suite, allow remote teams to seamlessly set up virtual conference calls, allowing them to comfortably work face to face, despite physically being miles away.

5.  Create your own jargon

Developing a unique in-house communication style is a great way to improve the way your organization communicates internally. It fosters a stronger sense of unity, places effective communication at the forefront of everyone’s mind, and can add a little bit of fun into the workplace.

Try creating different internal Slack channels to host conversations on business-related news and workplace activities. Send around a company-wide newsletter email to ensure everyone stays informed and has access to the latest resources and sales materials. Host a regular “team coffee break” where your team gets together for a cup of coffee to catch up in a quick, casual setting (with a call-in option for remote employees). Find the communication method that works for your organization and embrace it!


If your HR team were to implement even one of these tips, you’re sure to set the organization on the path to effective communication.


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Karina Mounivong

Vice President of Nintex Global HR,  Karina Mounivong brings more than eight years of HR experience within the technology sector to her role. Karina works closely with the Nintex management team and HR peers to ensure that all employees have a fulfilling career at Nintex and prosper within the company’s collaborative work environment.

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