Regional Australia Bank Streamlines Lending Processes

Nintex Promapp® helped the member-owned bank simplify processes and improve customer experiences.

For Regional Australia Bank, operations were becoming more complex in the lending space. The bank was working with a number of organizational changes and had slightly different processes for different loan products, users and channels. This system lead to duplicate processes, with each one needing updates whenever something changed.

The ineffective process management caused administrative issues. Items were missed, and processes were slightly out of date. As the number of processes increased and updating them became more complicated, staff trust diminished. Regional Australia Bank implemented Nintex Promapp® to simplify administration and give teams more trust that they were following the correct process.

Finding success

Condensed and streamlined duplicate processes

Restored staff trust in processes

Improved customer experience through efficient operations

Regional Australia Bank
Financial Services
Capabilities Used
Process Mapping

Who they are

Regional Australia Bank is a member-owned bank seen as the premier alternative to Australia’s “Big Four” banks.

What they need

Streamlined, simplified process administration in the lending department.

How they did it

Introduced Nintex Promapp® to condense and simplify lending processes.

Improved Processes Regain Staff Confidence and Improve Customer Experience

Regional Australia Bank turned to the Process Variant Management (PVM) functionality of Nintex Promapp® to reduce complexities and simplify lending processes. The software makes it easier to keep multiple processes up to date, as Regional Australia Bank was able to establish one standard process and add subtle variations as required. Now, after any compliance or legislative changes, only one process needs to be amended. The change extends to all applicable variations, reducing administrative work and ensuring all processes are up to date.

Nintex Promapp® has increased staff confidence in the processes used, which translates to a better experience for its banking customers. It has also spurred discussions on lending best practices and instilled a drive for continuous process improvement. Regional Australia Bank teams now have quick, easy access to the process variation they need, without worrying if they are using one incorrectly. PVM integrated seamlessly into the bank’s operations and is now an essential part of business operations.

The processes are now much more likely to be accurate and up to date. And the more trust staff have in referring to them, the more consistent our practices will be.
Jaid Dawson Business Performance Improvement Team Manager, Regional Australia Bank
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