What is an eSignature?

An eSignature, or electronic signature, is the digital equivalent of a written signature. eSignature technology provides a legal and secure means of giving consent or approval on a digital document without the hassle of printing hard copies, signing them by hand, and scanning them back into the system, or waiting for signed documents to return by mail.

Now any business document can be electronically signed and emailed instantly – from anywhere, using any device.

End the paper chase

Are your cashflow, business agility, or customer satisfaction held back by documents waiting on approval or lost in stacks of paper? eSignature software puts an end to slow, paper-based, manual signoff processes, and keeps everything moving without delay. Simply click a link in your inbox, review a document on any device or browser, and click to sign.

Faster document lifecycles

Now important business documents, such as contracts, invoices, offer letters, and more can be approved and digitally signed in a few simple clicks. No more paperwork, printing and scanning headaches, or postage costs.

Seamlessly integrated

Easily include eSignatures in your automated approval workflows. Once an approver receives an automated email and clicks a few buttons to digitally sign the document, it is automatically approved and sent to the appropriate content repository for file storage.

Legally binding worldwide

eSignatures are accepted in legislation across the world, such as the ESIGN Act in the United States and eIDAS in Europe. Digital signatures therefore hold the same legal weight as written signatures.

eSignatures benefit your entire enterprise

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Time is money. Most sales and service agreements require multiple back-and-forth negotiations for days, weeks, or even months ­­– costing your organization money and risking the deal your sales reps worked hard to secure. Digitizing the approval process saves time, and therefore money.

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Human Resources

Signatures are required in most HR processes. From employee contracts and leave requests to performance reviews and offboarding, your HR team can benefit from digitizing their approvals by removing the hassle of paperwork when requesting a signature from an employee.

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Customer Service

Most retail businesses rely on the fast and reliable turnaround of their supply chain processes. eSignatures make requisitions and approvals faster and more efficient to process than ever, and allow for fast sign-off on supplier contracts.

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Creating a proper accounts receivable process is essential for every organization to stay efficient and compliant in their finances. Digitizing the invoicing process prevents delays in payment, reduces uncertainty, and provides an accurate audit log of transactions.

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Put the Power of Process® to work

Signatures are just one task in a business process. With a full automation platform like Nintex, you can easily manage, automate, and optimize the complete process.

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