World Vision Increases Efficiency and Simplifies Operations

The worldwide non-profit used Nintex Promapp® to work smarter and centralize information.

World Vision had processes documented in different locations and managed risk via Excel Spreadsheets, making it difficult to find and implement correct processes. While some teams had well-documented processes, others had none at all, leading to inefficiencies and difficulty with onboarding. As a non-profit organization, it is important for World Vision to make every dollar count, and keep administration costs low through improved processes. Looking to manage processes and risks for better adherence and accountability, the organization turned to Nintex Promapp®.

Finding Success

simplified day-to-day operations

centralized process information, increasing accessibility and saving time.

updated risk management procedures.

World Vision
Capabilities Used
Process Mapping

Who they are

World Vision New Zealand is an organization dedicated to raising awareness and funds for struggling communities around the world. World Vision currently supports 44 projects in 25 countries.

What they need

Simplified risk management, ongoing process improvement and more efficient operations.

How they did it

Introduced Nintex Promapp® to centralize information and streamline processes.

Documented Processes Result in Simplified Operations and More Impactful Work

World Vision initially selected Nintex Promapp® due to its simplicity, consistency and centralized information base. The organization introduced the software by mapping standard processes that everyone needed to know, including basic operational information like applying for leave. At first, staff resisted the software change, but quickly came around after the simplicity of Nintex Promapp® and its potential for improving daily work became clear. Employees began implementing the system across the organization, aided by the on-call Nintex Promapp® staff members who answered any questions World Vision had.

Nintex Promapp® is now the starting point for new processes within World Vision. Once main processes were mapped, staff saw the importance of accessible, centralized procedure information. The software’s risk and compliance module made adhering to risk requirements simpler by implementing a quarterly compliance process. This process assures risk owners that controls are in place, and procedures are being followed correctly.

Since its adoption across World Vision, Nintex Promapp® has become the standard for mapping new projects and systems. Having a centralized source of process information simplifies training and other tasks, cutting time spent searching for documents or proper protocol. The software also increases process visibility, making it easier for staff to analyze operations and find areas for improvement.

The more efficiently World Vision works, the more good it does across the world. Nintex Promapp® has expanded access to templates and processes, simplified daily operations and freed up staff to focus on doing work that matters.

People could see that, ‘Oh look I don’t have to ask five people to find out the answer. I can go to this one place that is the same for everyone.’ And it’s so easy to use.
Raewyn Ford Business Analyst, World Vision
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