Is Field Service Management Ripe for Digital Transformation?

Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) transforms how the modern workplace operates.

An IPA platform combines the powerful capabilities of process automation with artificial intelligence technologies to help companies across industries achieve digital transformation.

But how does IPA work in field services?

We recently attended two Maximize Tour events hosted by Nintex partner ServiceMax and we are thrilled about the possibilities for digital transformation in field service organizations.

What is Field Service Management?

Field Service Management (FSM) helps businesses manage resources—workers, products, equipment, etc.—that operate outside of the company premises. The way it does this is through:

  • Managing teams of off-site workers, tracking changes to budgets, resources, and timeframes so projects can be completed more efficiently.
  • Providing workers with the resources they need to get work done. FSM software can be used on a mobile device, for example, to allow field workers to make changes to schedules, work orders, customer account information, inventory, and invoices to enhance flexibility and productivity.

Digital Transformation in Field Services

Field services are under more pressure than ever against ever-rising customer expectations. And, of course, digital transformation in field service management accounts for more than just equipping every off-site worker with a mobile device.

Whether it’s identifying the location of vehicles, scheduling work, managing inventory, and billing, or any other task that requires workers out in the field, businesses are striving to deliver the best, quickest service possible. Manual-based processes are making this more difficult.

  • Healthcare: 50% of medical device manufacturers are still using paper-based processes to service equipment, from MRI scanners to X-ray machines. Incredibly time-consuming, these processes are in desperate need of being digitized and optimized.
  • Finance: Financial field executives must check the status of any individual seeking a loan. Without the flexibility mobile devices offer, returning to the office to fill out related forms takes up valuable time.
  • Construction: Project teams must deal with multiple tasks simultaneously to form a cohesive project. And that’s before considering inevitable project changes that surface along the way. Remote working capability can track jobs in real-time to allocate resources and report back to clients accurately and swiftly.
  • Operations: Without real-time geographical information on workers or vehicles, HQ cannot assign tasks based on availability or location.

IPA serves to improve field service management by removing the number of steps in processes like the above—automating everything from document generation, timesheets, to contract approvals and invoices.

Jim Roberson, VP and General Manager at Nintex, and Blake Wolff, Senior VP of Services and Alliances at ServiceMax, presented a session at Nintex xchange 2018 on how Nintex and ServiceMax—a sophisticated FSM solution—can enable digital transformation for field services.

“The key is to think outcome-based, not object-based,” says Jim. “Take an aircraft engine, for example. It stands for something bigger than just an airplane part – it has the potential to maximize a plane’s flight hours and how smooth the flight is. Field service management can better enable that engine to run when time-consuming service processes (like work orders and equipment service reports) are automated.”  

Together, Nintex and ServiceMax support the productivity of field service technicians by supplying them with offline access to their documents, even on mobile devices.

Interested in learning more about using Nintex and ServiceMax together? Contact a Nintex representative today. 

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