Buckman Transforms Purchasing and Inspection Processes with the Nintex Platform

Buckman, a privately held, global specialty chemical company headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, sought a digital alternative to email and paper for their procurement and safety inspection processes. With 1,700 employees based in over 90 countries, these email-based processes forced a flood of unorganized content and inefficient correspondence.

Challenge: Bogged Down Purchasing Processes and Wi-Fi Dependency

The organization’s purchasing processes were tedious – requiring technical data, pricing information and documented internal approval. The legacy systems led to delays in approvals and lacked transparency. Buckman’s ISO certifications also required vigorous equipment safety inspection processes for the company to maintain compliance. An email-based inspection process prevented the speed and agility required to report risk, as employees faced the challenge of filing reports quickly and accurately from remote inspection sites without Wi-Fi connections.

Buckman needed a solution to both streamline their purchasing processes and enable their workers to quickly and accurately file field inspection reports on-the-go and in the field.

Solution: The Nintex Platform

Buckman implemented Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms for Office 365, as well as Nintex Mobile to automate procurement and safety inspection processes. The organization was already using Office 365 and SharePoint online for several years, and were “ready to take SharePoint to the next level” to drive streamlined and integrated workflows, says Paul Grassel, Buckman Director of IT and Computer Services.

Implementing the Nintex Platform enabled Buckman to completely address its procurement and safety inspection challenges.

Efficient and Effective Procurement

Before implementing Nintex, the Buckman procurement department relied on email and manual oversight to keep open purchase orders and inquiries afloat. Now, their Nintex solution manages the end-to-end process. Instead of emailing a manager about a purchase request, employees now simply complete a digital Nintex Form that stores all data in SharePoint Online. A Nintex Workflow then automatically routes the form to the correct manager for review and action.

Gone are the days of chasing email threads – employees can now take advantage of strategic global procurement opportunities in days instead of weeks. After deploying Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms for Office 365, the volume of email dramatically decreased, while employee productivity skyrocketed.

Automating Buckman’s sales procurement request process with the Nintex platform saved the company $800,000 in 2016 alone.

Enhanced Risk Mitigation

Buckman also utilizes Nintex Mobile to truly digitize the safety inspection process and enhance workplace safety worldwide. Employees no longer have to wait until they get back to an office to manually file reports – a delay that could result in incomplete or inaccurate reports. Buckman associates now use Nintex Mobile to record safety incidents and site inspection reports whenever and wherever they occur, whether or not they have access to the internet. Reports are accurately filed in real-time for immediate action.

Thanks to Nintex Mobile, site inspection investigations now take only a week or less, rather than the previous timeframe of 30 to 90 days. Buckman can implement the most effective remedial steps weeks or months sooner than they could before. “We’re getting far more of our incidents reported because everyone has immediate access to the reporting tools and it’s faster and easier for our people to make those reports,” says Brent Ellis, Buckman IT Enterprise Service Manager.

Digital Transformation, Achieved

The Nintex Platform enabled Buckman to streamline and improve its procurement processes and effectively meet safety compliance requirement. But automating these processes was just the first step on their digital transformation path. At last count, Buckman had digitally transformed 30 global business solutions at scale with Nintex for Office 365.

“We put a strategic emphasis on digital transformation and mobile-first technologies as the way to spur sales growth, control costs, gain competitive advantage, and serve customers better,” Grassel says. “Nintex for Office 365 has been an impactful tool we use to achieve our vision. We use the Nintex Forms capability to capture data in a standardized, centralized way. Before implementing our Nintex solution, data was inconsistent, dispersed, and sometimes captured slowly if at all.”

To learn more about how Nintex is helping Buckman transform their business, read the case study here.



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