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Digital Transformation helps Participate save weeks and thousands of dollars

Participate (fka VIF International Education) is the largest teacher exchange sponsor in the United States. They recruit high-quality educators from around the world and create global education programs for schools and districts. While language and distance are obvious hurdles, the paperwork required to relocate international teachers to the U.S. is perhaps the largest hurdle of all.

To complete the documentation required to recruit, hire, and relocate teacher candidates, Participate team members would manually cut and paste data into multiple documents—including virtual resumes, visa applications, and benefit enrollment forms. Worse yet, this homegrown system required that documents be mailed overseas for signatures from teacher candidates and then mailed back. The entire process could take months.

Participate had outgrown its time-consuming and error-prone system. They transitioned from their legacy database to Salesforce and hired Matt Torcasso, a Salesforce implementation expert, to help revamp the teacher recruitment processes.

“When I joined Participate, there were so many things staff wanted to do with documents that they had never done before,” said Torcasso. “Based on my experience, I knew that DocGen® for Salesforce could handle the simplest to the most complex [process] and would completely transform the teacher recruitment process.”

Finding success

weeks saved per signature


saved in visa packet printing and postage


paperwork headaches

Participate (fka, VIF International Education)
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Who they are

For more than 25 years, Participate has provided professional development, curriculum, language acquisition, and teacher exchange programs for educators. Participate is a certified B Corp and "Best for the World" nominee. They are headquartered in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

What they need

As the largest teacher exchange sponsor in the U.S., Participate recruits educators from around the world. They needed to revamp their manual, error-prone, and lengthy processes for completing the paperwork required during teacher recruitment, registration, and relocation.

How they did it

The first step in Participate’s digital transformation was to replace their legacy database with Salesforce and hire an experienced Salesforce administrator to help with implementation. Using DocGen® for Salesforce (formerly Drawloop®), Participate digitized required document packets--significantly reducing turnaround times for document signatures and saving thousands of dollars per year in print and postage costs.

Nintex DocGen® for Salesforce empowers Participate’s internal customers to help themselves

Participate is America’s largest sponsor of K1 visas, which allow international teachers to teach in the U.S. for 3 to 5 years. With an average cost of $50 per packet, printing and mailing hundreds of visa packets each year was costly and time consuming.

With DocGen® for Salesforce, Participate now sends visa packets electronically, saving thousands of dollars per year in print and postage costs. Automation of document management workflows has improved productivity and efficiency for Participate recruitment, sales, client school districts, and the IT and Salesforce administrative teams.

“As the Salesforce administrator for the entire company, it is sometimes challenging to respond as quickly as I’d like to every internal request,” Torcasso said. “Because Nintex [DocGen®] has a user-friendly, point-and-click administrative interface, my internal customers can self-manage and make simple field and tag updates without ever having to come to me.”

With DocGen® for Salesforce, Participate learned that paperwork headaches are for the history books.

Based on my experience, I knew that DocGen® for Salesforce could handle the simplest to the most complex [processes] and would completely transform the teacher recruitment process.
Matt Torcasso, Salesforce Administrator, Participate
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