What is document generation?

Document generation is the method of creating business-critical documents like invoices, contracts, sales proposals, and work orders automatically.

With the right document generation tools, you can automatically create digital documents using your own custom templates and branding, and pull data from multiple CRM systems using pre-defined rules. Document generation software delivers precise and compliant documents the first time, every time.

Digitize and automate document creation to save time and money

Improve customer and employee experiences by eliminating the need for paperwork, reducing human error, and producing documents in seconds, rather than hours or days.

Eliminate human error

No more cutting, pasting, and double-checking for typos and mistakes. Automated document generation removes the element of human error and produces accurate, error free documents every time.

Achieve business outcomes faster

Employees can only move as fast as the documents they’re producing. Close deals faster, produce invoices more efficiently, and move your business forward with automatically generated documents.

Consistency and compliance

With pre-defined and approved templates and language, it’s easy to create compliant Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF documents.

Document generation is essential in every line of business

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Contract management

Empower Sales to generate compliant, data-driven contracts to instantly transform the contract lifecycle and close deals faster.

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Customer compliance

Eliminate complex, time-consuming paperwork by automatically generating know-your-customer (KYC) documents and more.

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Loan processing

Generate loan applications, route them to relevant personnel for review and e-signature, send the document to the applicant, and approve their loan – quickly, simply, and smoothly.

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Employee onboarding

Auto-generate an employee contract in seconds to get new team members onboarded and providing value to your company quickly and seamlessly.

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Put the Power of Process® to work

Document generation is just one step in the document lifecycle process. With the Nintex Process Platform, you have the ease and power to accelerate business outcomes by automating document routing to streamline the entire process.

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